Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD)
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Securely store your supporting data on CORD: while making it discoverable and citable

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posted on 2020-03-13, 11:35 authored by Gregory SimpsonGregory Simpson
Figshare for institutions is designed to make research data citable, shareable, and discoverable.
Cranfield University's institutional data repository is suitable for storing and sharing final datasets from a research project or underpinning published material.
● Research outputs will have a DOI assigned. This means you can cite it as a research output alongside your publication or as a freestanding piece of data.
● Figshare complies with funder mandates around making data openly accessible and stored for a minimum of 10 years.
● Figshare offers a range of access management tools to control how your data will be accessed and re-used
● Research outputs uploaded to Figshare are indexed with Google Scholar and Google Dataset Search, improving the discoverability of your research