Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD)

Joni Pelham

Research Fellow (Aerospace engineering not elsewhere classified)

Cranfield, UK

Aerospace systems research engineer Strong drive to continue to improve my skills and become more involved with RPAS (Remotely Piloted aircraft systems). The challenges and opportunities presented by RPAS interest me greatly as they range from the very basics of flight to the complexity and subtlety of human machine interaction. Experience from a wide range of sources including several different parts of the design lifecycle. Defence(Naval), Motorsport, Aerospace, & Robotics.


  • Application of an AIS to the problem of through life health management of remotely piloted aircraft
  • Dual Use IVHM for UAS Health Management
  • Analysis of Short form Maintenance Records for NFF Using NLP, Phrase Matching, and Bayesian Learning
  • Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems Support Considerations
  • Monitoring concept study for aerospace power gear box drive train
  • Friction and wear monitoring methods for journal bearings of geared turbofans based on acoustic emission signals and machine learning
  • Monitoring concept study for aerospace power gearbox drivetrain
  • Report for Air Command on the impact of no-fault-found on a selection of RAF aircraft fleets: fleet level NFF analysis
  • An NLP framework for extracting causes, consequences, and hazards from occurrence reports to validate a HAZOP study
  • A Scoping Literature Review of Natural Language Processing Application to Safety Occurrence Reports

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