Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD)

Abbas Fotouhi

Lecturer in Advanced Vehicle Engineering (Mechanical engineering not elsewhere classified; Automotive mechatronics and autonomous systems)

Cranfield, UK

Abbas Fotouhi received his PhD degree in mechanical engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2011. He is currently a lecturer (assistant professor) in Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre at Cranfield University. Before joining Cranfield in 2014, he was with the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO) at University Technology Malaysia. Dr Fotouhi’s expertise are dynamical systems modelling, simulation, optimization, and control. He has also extensive practical and algorithmic experience of applying AI and Machine Learning techniques in engineering problems. His current research includes electrified powertrain systems, batteries, and transportation system optimization. Dr Fotouhi has supervised more than 40 MSc and PhD students so far. He is a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and fellow of the Faraday Institution in UK.

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