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posted on 2023-01-03, 15:27 authored by Bellome Andrea


Author: Andrea Bellome

Supervisors: Joan-Pau Sánchez Cuartielles, Leonard Felicetti, Stephen Kemble

This project contains the following toolboxes:

- AUTOMATE: AUTOmatic Multiple-gravity Assist with Tisserand Exploration

- ASTRA: Automatic Swing-By TRAjectories

- DYNAMIS: DYnamic programming for Asteroid MISsions

Each toolbox comes with its own sub-folder. In each sub-folder, main .m scripts are included that represent test cases to use the toolboxes. Each script should be self-explanatory and easy to use. These are described briefly here.


This folder contains AUTOMATE toolbox. This is usefult to construct MGA sequences based upon Tisserand criterion. Both Solar System planets, Jovian and Saturn moons are available. In the case of moons' tour, single-objective dynamic programming (SODP) is used to find the optimal path.

2) st2_ASTRA

This folder contains ASTRA toolbox. This can be used to optimize MGA sequences using either single-objective or multi-objective dynamic programming (SODP and MODP, respectively).

3) st3_DYNAMIS

This folder contains DYNAMIS toolbox. This is useful to optimize MGA trajectory options that pass-by many asteroids using dynamic programming. Both single-objective and multi-objective dynamic programming are available (SODP and MODP, respectively).


MITn Targets: Mixed Integer Trajectory Design for Large Number of Targets - PhD Co-Funded by Airbus Defence & Space


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