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Material strength evolution under high strain rates

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posted on 2018-10-22, 09:42 authored by Caitlin Gilroy
3 Minute Thesis presented at the Cranfield Doctoral Network Annual Event 2018.

Materials behave differently under high strain rates compared to that of lower strain rates, which are more likely to be experienced in everyday situations. High strain rate loading of metals is necessary in determining their material behaviour in high velocity impact situations within areas such as the automotive, aviation, aerospace and defence sectors, where material selection is vital for safety. In order to create a more controlled environment gas driven flyer plates can be fired at high velocities into targets using gas guns to create 1D planar impacts. This project seeks to develop a recovery technique to determine the material loading process as a single square-topped pulse with pure 1D loading. This will allow for accurate determination of the response of three different metals: copper, stainless steel and niobium.




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