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Jamming Anti-Ship Missile Seekers Which Use Doppler Beam Sharpening Modes

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posted on 2017-11-15, 12:03 authored by Gareth Frazer
3MT presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.

This PhD investigates the concept of jamming missile seekers which use a Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) mode for target detection and homing. DBS provides a computationally efficient way of improving the cross-range resolution by using the Doppler domain to resolve targets that could not otherwise be resolved with a typical real beamed pulsed radar system. The PhD explores how to use low cost jammers to accurately place false targets in a desired location in the DBS image and the problems which arise when there is a lack of knowledge about seeker trajectory, velocity, waveforms used, etc.


Dstl and EPSRC


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