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What, Who, Where, How: The Impact of Recent Military AI Innovation in Security Terms

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posted on 07.01.2020, 14:46 by Amy Ertan
This poster visualises the results of a narrative evidence review on the topic of military AI innovation, drawing literature from a variety of disciplines to highlight potential unforeseen and/or unintended consequences of ‘Weaponised AI’. There are three main sections outlined to the visual display. The first section illustrates the ‘what’: What does ‘Weaponised AI’ mean and in which applications is the implementation occurring. The second section covers ‘Who and Where’, focusing on state strategy, the role of private industry, and the role additional actors. An empirical example comparing US, Russia and China will be visualised. The third section outlines the ‘How’ of military AI deployment, and leads directly into a discussion section on the implications of current innovation and military processes on categories of security, including strategic and operational aspects.




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