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Virtual Reality interactive training for maritime crews in response to terrorist attacks on cruise ships

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posted on 2022-01-13, 11:20 authored by Selina Robinson, Amy Meenaghan
Despite increasing concern from policymakers and maritime security experts regarding the risk of terrorist attacks on maritime vessels, research within this domain remains somewhat neglected. To date, such attacks have been mercifully rare. Nonetheless, the potential for significant casualties and loss of life, particularly when considering ‘soft’ targets such as cruise liners and passenger ferries, indicate the need for robust training schedules for ship masters and crew members.
The current research describes an ongoing project that aims to design, test and validate a comprehensive training programme for cruise ship masters, security personnel and crew. Detailed reviews of existing emergency response measures, and focus groups with maritime security experts, practitioners, and commercial training providers have been used to inform the development of a training package using a simulated cruise ship bridge. In this paper, the pilot phases of the research will be described. The context for the proposed training package will be discussed, and the rationale for the use of virtual reality as a training tool will be evaluated. Initial trials designed to test the effectiveness of the training package in enabling trainees to achieve specific learning objectives will be described. Subsequent stages for the development of project will then be outlined. It is proposed that the successful validation of this virtual training tool will demonstrate the potential for adaptation to other modes of transport at risk of terrorist attack. Additionally, the package can be modified for use in related areas of risk (such as piracy) for a wide range of maritime vessels.


The University of Portsmouth – TRIF (Themes, Research and Innovation Funding)


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