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The realisation of Business Relations Theory; How Did I Get There? A Research Story

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posted on 2019-11-28, 16:16 authored by Hussain Alkebaisi
This poster aims to visualise the story behind a PhD research, a project through which a management theory was realised. The goal of the researcher is to share his experience in conducting the research, hoping that it will help other colleagues benefit from it.

In the poster, the researcher will present a detailed flow chart that shows step by step, how did the researcher initiate his research idea, what barriers were faced during the research, how those barriers were the trigger behind the evolution of the research idea, how was grounded theory research method was applied and led to the research gap and question.

The main concern in the poster is that the researcher will explain how a straightforward, simple idea can make a difference if we pay attention to it, and the most important issue is how a researcher can use his own way in conducting research and then to describe ‘How did he Get There’.

Keywords – Business Relations Theory, Supply Chain Management, Grounded Theory, Objective-Orientation Approach, PhD Research Story


Bahrain Defence Force, Kingdom of Bahrain


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