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Push out Measurements of Ammunition under Dynamic Conditions

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posted on 2020-01-07, 15:18 authored by Michael Muster
A small calibre weapon system consists of the weapon and the ammunition. In the case of bolt action rifles during the process of firing, the breech is a rigid bearing which prevents the casing from being pushed out. However, not the whole pushout force is taken by the bolt. Due to friction forces at the casing boundary, the chamber of the weapon can absorb a significant part of the pushout force. The duration of the pushout force is in the order of milliseconds. Piezoelectric strain gauges are capable of recording such short time events qualitatively. To increase the measurability of force obtained from raw signal, is filtered using a bandpass filter and applying a signal envelope. The results from the strain gauges are verified by a piezoelectric force washer. The analysis presented in this poster indicated that different lubricated or wet casing surfaces lead to bolt forces which are more than three times higher when compared unlubricated casings. This poster shows also how to measure highly dynamic events. The acquired results can be directly applied to bolt action rifles. These measurements may also have a significant influence on self-loading rifles, since the process of reloading is also dependent on the pushout force


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