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Motivations and barriers for the adoption of cloud-based data analytics by SME Managers

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posted on 2018-10-22, 09:21 authored by Tariq Alsafi
Poster presented at the Cranfield Doctoral Network Annual Event 2018.

Motivations and barriers for the adoption of cloud based data analytics by SME managers. There is a strong recognition within relevant literature regarding the central role that Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play in contributing towards functioning of the wider economy. SMEs General Authority (Monsha’at) vision is to make the SMEs an essential driver of economic development, and a major player in the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030.Cloud computing promises on-demand, scalable, pay-as-you-go computing and storage capacity. Data mining has been central to helping businesses predict patterns, trends, and to organise their behaviour according to the analysis of data patterns and correlations. Nonetheless, obstacles remain, such as identifying what level of preparation they need, provided that most SMEs are not aware of the exact degree of preparation needed before migrating their services to the cloud. Furthermore, the lack of expertise and readiness often leaves SMEs having a hard time keeping up with the tools required for cloud computing. To date, an important amount of research and scholarship has made a reasonable attempt to address these issues. However, literature that addresses specifically cases of cloud computing and data mining among SMEs is still relatively scarce. The research aims to identify and address these obstacles and assess the extent to which cloud-based data mining might provide new types of opportunities for SMEs.The research will contribute to knowledge in a new technology acceptance model that identify the factors of motivation as well as the barriers that contribute to the decision of SMEs to either adopt or not adopt. It is planned that the proposed study will act as a catalyst for future studies, as well as provide useful insights in understanding of the nature of decision-making among SMEs managers. This study will also provide useful data to policy makers, key stakeholders and governmental institutions.


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