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Facilitation of Trust in Automation: A Qualitative Study of Behaviour and Attitudes Towards Emerging Technology in Military Culture

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posted on 2018-11-15, 12:21 authored by Megan Field
Poster presented at the 2018 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.

New technologies, increased levels of automation and artificial intelligence is emerging and integrating into our lives at an ever-quickening pace, however how we respond to these changes are not as immediate. Furthermore, in high-criticality domains where integration of new technologies is mission and life critical, finding the underlying obstacles for mistrust, under-reliance and apprehension in adapting to these are incredibly important.
To aid in the facilitation of new technologies in the military domain, the research seeks to explore attitudes and behaviours through narrative analysis of underlying expressions of trust in personnel associated with different echelons of the Forces, alongside civilians. This is to inquire into differing attitudes and whether the unique culture and subcultures of the military colour narratives towards emerging technology.


EPSRC and BAE Systems


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