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Assessment of Light Transport Through Human Anatomy

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posted on 2018-11-15, 11:49 authored by Akhil Kallepalli
Poster presented at the 2018 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.

Due to the non-contact and non-invasive nature, and ease of investigation, photonics and imaging have emerged as a preferred modality in a multitude of domains. Investigation of medical conditions and problems utilising these tools is a highly sought after domain of research and innovation due to the impact it would have in improving the quality of care for patients while reducing the workload of medical staff.
In our research, we consider simulations for light transport and subsequently study experimental evidence from interactions with the light of different wavelengths. As the light interacts with a complex combination of skin and underlying anatomy, it is absorbed, reflected and scattered light in characteristic ways. Our primary interest lies in better understanding light transport through the human anatomy, which is a complex, multi-layered target. Specifically, we are investigating the interaction of infrared and red wavelengths in a non-contact and non-invasive method. We are also delving into multi-sensor and multi-platform information fusion for monitoring ‘health’, directed towards the point-of-care segments of health care.


The author wishes to acknowledge the collaborators of the work: Great Western Hospital (GWH), Swindon and Aston University, Birmingham.


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