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Reason: This data is a supporting material for the document: Consumer responses to the UK domestic hydrogen transition: Transcription from online focus groups These data are under embargo until April 1st, 2023 in view of the timeline for publication the associated research articles.





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Qualtrics survey screeners for online focus groups_Domestic hydrogen acceptance 2022.docx

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posted on 12.09.2022, 14:37 authored by Joel GordonJoel Gordon, Nazmiye OzkanNazmiye Ozkan, Seyed ali NabaviSeyed ali Nabavi

The file provides the full versions of six unique screening surveys built in Qualtrics as part of the recruitment process for a series of online focus groups, conducted between February and April 2022. The content shows all questions as well as the filtering process. The surveys were designed to recruit against six specific groups: Renewable energy communities; smart homes and solar homes; environmentally engaged; technology engaged; industrial towns; fuel poor; and a baseline group excluding all previous specifications. The project is part of a study exploring consumer perceptions of domestic hydrogen for home heating and cooking, and social acceptance levels across different consumer groups and demographics.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Grant EP/T518104/1


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