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Test Matrix Condition 1 Tests - ERICE

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posted on 2023-06-06, 13:26 authored by Abhay VincentAbhay Vincent, Hugo PervierHugo Pervier, Marie PervierMarie Pervier

This item contains the condition 1 tests conducted under ERICE. These tests were done at 60k RPM of the turbocharger and were only to observe the ice accretion and no scrape tests were performed for tests in these conditions.

The item includes the following data:

1) Labview files (x8) - ".lvm" format (read with MS Excel)

2) Video files (x8) - ".mkv" format

3)  README txt file (x1) - explaining the headers for the labview data and the instrumentation involved 

Test 1 refers to Wearlon sample

Test 2 refers to AA Fsmooth sample

Test 3 refers to Al sample

Test 4 refers to  AA F75 sample

Test 5 refers to Thin SAA + TCS sample

Test 6 refers to Thin SAA + PTFE

Test 7 refers to Xylan sample

Test 8 refers to WSAA Fsmooth sample


Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking (CSJU) under grant agreement No. 821301


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