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Interior Illuminations

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posted on 2023-01-04, 12:28 authored by Jamie McgregorJamie Mcgregor

This image was gained from placing the head of a common LED torch into a 610 Xradia Versa System with an overall scan time of ~90 hours. By using a single high-resolution scan, a full 3D digital volume of the torch has been made which allows for us to view its inner components without damaging the object. Through analysing the data, it becomes clear which features represent the battery, circuitry, springs, buttons and aluminium within the torch. 

My PhD is centred around using X-Ray data to identify the defects and elements within metallic alloys for benefit to the quality control and manufacture processes. The use of these systems is both extremely time consuming and resourcefully expensive; being able to gain robust data from a single scan is invaluable for future research and efficiency.


Atomics Weapons Establishment, University of Manchester


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