Andrew Claydon PhD

The research aim of the PhD is to assess the factors which affect Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) efficiency and investigate the art of the possible in terms of new explosive
formulations for the future. Cast-cured Polymer Bonded Explosives (PBXs) are composite materials which consist of high explosive crystals bound in a polymer matrix. During
manufacture, the crystals are dispersed throughout a liquid prepolymer, which is then cured into a crosslinked elastomeric solid. Dispersion can be achieved with RAM, a novel mixing technique which uses a vibrating platform to create longitudinal acoustic pressure waves which agitate the mixture. A major benefit of this technique is the possibility to mix high viscosity formulations 'in-situ', where the final casing is used as the mixing vessel. This allows novel PBXs based on micronised particle size and reduced plasticiser content to be manufactured, and bring benefits such as improved mechanical, safety and ageing properties.