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Wheat video experiments 2000 data archive

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posted on 2016-06-17, 09:08 authored by Stephen HobbsStephen Hobbs, Cedric Seynat
Observations of wheat motion in wind were made through the later part of the growing season (June - August) for wheat on Cranfield Airfield in 2000. The data collected include stereo videogrammetric measurements of the motion of small targets attached to wheat plants along with simultaneous local wind velocity measurements. 

This archive contains the main data files for each day of the experiments together with some documentation for the experiments. There should be enough information so that users can analyse the data for their own requirements. EACH DIRECTORY IS PROVIDED AS ONE ZIPPED FILE (E.G.,,, CREATED USING 7-ZIP, AN OPEN SOURCE PROGRAM AVAILABLE FROM WWW.7-ZIP.ORG). THE ZIPPED FILES SHOULD BE READABLE BY WINZIP, WINRAR, 7-ZIP AND SIMILAR PROGRAMS.

Experiment summary: Experiments took place during the summer of 2000 on the dates in the following table. Four digit labels (“mmdd”, i.e. two digits for the month and two for the day) are often used in file or directory names and are given alongside each date. Date Label (“mmdd”) 02 Jun 2000 0602 06 Jun 2000 0606 21 Jun 2000 0621 19 Jul 2000 0719 25 Jul 2000 0725 02 Aug 2000 0802 15 Aug 2000 0815 

Summary of files in this archive: This archive contains the main files describing the motion of the targets attached to the wheat plants and simultaneous wind velocity data. Pre-processing has been carried out to synchronize the video and wind data, to obtain coherent trajectories for each target tracked, and to present the data in a common reference system. 

Directory File Comments: 
DVA data 2000 summary.xls - Summary of the anemometer data processing parameters and key results from the experiments 
DVA data 2000.doc - Word document describing the digital vane anemometer (DVA) data processing sample video
DVA data.doc - Describes sample data for target trajectories and the wind data. 
vidreport2.pdf - Technical report documenting the videogrammetry technique used to measure the target positions, calibrate the system, and form coherent trajectories. 
Wheat video expts 2000.xls - Tabulates data to be used with...
Wheat video expts 2000.doc - Documents much of the data pre-processing to allow it to be repeated if necessary from the original video files. Contains many parameters used to process the video data.

wheat video validation.doc - Documents basic end-to-end validation of the trajectory measurements. - File of all the 1 min trajectories from the analysis of Seynat (2000) used to compare with 2006 data for validation of the technique (and for independent analysis). When unzipped gives 6 directories for dates 6/6/00 to 15/8/00 with ASCII files of target trajectories. mmdd Table 1. Overview of directory structure and contents for this archive. Notes ----- * Wind data are not synchronized with video data for 2 June + Data for two video segments (a,b) are available for 2 Aug Table 2. Summary of contents of each of the experiment directories.


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