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Water abstraction restrictions and related economic losses in irrigated agriculture in England and Wales

posted on 2019-02-20, 14:28 authored by Gloria Salmoral Portillo, Dolores Rey Vicario, Paul de Margon, Ian HolmanIan Holman

This data sets includes the inputs and raw outputs from the paper "A probabilistic risk assessment of the national economic impacts of regulatory drought management on irrigated agriculture" available at

The inputs and raw outputs are included as follows:

1) Irrigated crops area used from Rey et al. (2016)

2) Yield and quality losses per grid cell and crop type from Rey et al. (2016)

3) Ratios per type of source of irrigation: surface water, groundwater, tidal water

4) The daily water abstraction restrictions at catchment level for each 100 ensemble member in the baseline (BS), near future (NF) and far future (FF). These files are too large (each file contains 65,016,000 observations) so to open them it will be needed to use a data management software such us R, Matlab, STATA.

5) The monthly economic losses (£) related to the implemented water abstraction restrictions per crop and at catchment level for each 100 ensemble member in the BS, NF and FF.


NERC (NE/L010070/1)

NERC (NE/L010186/1)

NERC (NE/L010208/1)


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