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Vanadium Database of Global Research Activity (VanDOGRA)

posted on 2016-12-07, 11:37 authored by Institute of Environment and Health
In 2016, the VanDOGRA database/website was closed, and this fileset is the csv export of database content (one csv for each table; tblIAddress is indeed empty), preserved as it may still be of value to researchers in this area. The VanDOGRA project description follows:

There is a significant amount of funded research currently ongoing worldwide on the environmental and human health effects of vanadium compounds. In order to provide interested stakeholders with up to date information on the scope of global research in progress, and to identify scientists currently active in relevant fields, the Institute of Environment and Health (IEH) has developed this web-based database of research activities (VanDOGRA). Development of VanDogra is supported by the Vanadium Safety Readiness (VSR) programme and the database is hosted by Vanitec (Vanadium International Technical Committee).
What is VanDOGRA

VanDOGRA is a fully searchable inventory of current research activities relating to the potential environmental and health effects of, and methods of controlling and treating, exposure to vanadium compounds. As such, its scope includes:

- Estimation of the contributions of environmental and occupational vanadium exposure to human health, disease and dysfunction;
- Investigation of the impact of vanadium exposure on environmental-ecotoxicological effects;
- Investigation of the physiological and biochemical mechanisms (including toxicokinetic considerations);
- Assessment of the influence of factors, such as age, nutritional deficiencies, pre-existing disease and genetics, that influence individual susceptibility to vanadium;
- Investigation of the roles and mechanisms of vanadium toxicity;
- Measurement and/or modelling of occupational or environmental exposure;
- Identification of existing and novel biomarkers of exposure or adverse effects; and
- Development and implementation of new medical approaches to the treatment of excessive vanadium exposure.

VanDOGRA will thus provide an effective and powerful tool for identifying current, and recently completed, research activities and the key workers in relevant fields. As such, it should be of value to stakeholders and researchers, providing a means of minimizing the risk of duplication of effort, and over time should facilitate identification of changing patterns of research activity, gaps in programmes, opportunities for collaboration, and emerging areas of concern.


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