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Tapered Long Period Gratings

posted on 2017-05-19, 07:46 authored by, Stephen JamesStephen James,,
OFS_2017_TLPG_Fig2.xlsx. Figure 2 from Proc. SPIE 10323, 10323C. The spectrum of a tapered long period grating after the fabrication of each of the tapered sections, where the waist diameter was 117 μm and the period was of 418 µm. The TLPG was fabricated in Fibrecore SM750 fibre, and the spectrum recorded using an Ocean Optics CCD spectrometer.

OFS_2017_TLPG_Fig3.xlsx. Figure 2 from Proc. SPIE 10323, 10323C. The transmission spectra of 3 TLPG, each comprising 6 tapered sections, with periods of 378,421 and 460 µm and duty cycles of 55, 45 and 41 %.


EPSRC. (EP-L010437, EP-H02252X)