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Supporting data: 'Age Related Changes of Rib Cortical Bone Matrix: Application for Age-at-Death Estimation'

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posted on 04.01.2021, 12:17 authored by Andrea Bonicelli, Peter ZiouposPeter Zioupos, Emily Arnold, Keith RogersKeith Rogers, Bledar Xhemali, Elena F. Kranioti
This study used autopsy material from 113 rib specimens. A set of 33 parameters were measured by standard bio-mechanical (nanoindentation and microindentation), physical (TGA/DSC, XRD and FTIR) and histomorphometry (porosity-ImageJ) methods. Stepwise regressions were used to create 35 equations that would produce the best ‘estimates of age at death’ vs real age of the cadavers. Five equations were produced; in the best of cases an equation counting 7 parameters had an R2 = 0.863 and mean absolute error of 4.64 years.


EPSRC (EP/K020196/1 and EP/N509450/1)


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