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A Holistic Cabin Conceptualisation Approach (HCCA) framework

posted on 2023-11-01, 09:50 authored by Roman Kirensky, Craig LawsonCraig Lawson, Ben Orson

The presented toolset defines the stakeholders involved in aircraft passenger cabin interior development projects, and their pursued design drivers.

- Stakeholder Definition sheet presents all types of organisations involved in the design of aircraft cabin interiors, disregarding of the involvement extent.

- Stakeholder Analysis sheet contains the pairwise comparison matrices for all stakeholders along the influence and interest axes, and the resulting plot.

- Cabin Design Drivers sheet contains the definition of drivers pursued by the cabin interior projects. These are defined as a multi-level structure including:

  -- Top-level profitability-based design drivers,

  -- Their constituent factors representing the design considerations and themes, and

  -- Bottom-level design criteria representing the detailed product specifications, requirements, features, qualities, performance targets etc.

- Design Factor Weights present a set of pairwise comparison matrices for deriving the relative importance weights at the factor and driver levels.

- R Input sheet contains R code template to use with R Studio software to retrieve Eigenvector values.

- Design Factors Map sheet contains factor applicability mapping to represent stakeholder concern and interaction points on a cabin interior project.

- Cabin Product Breakdown sheet presents the composition of state-of-the-art cabin interiors by listing out the components it may have. The presented list is an all-encompassing version and does not represent the product line of any specific cabin manufacturer or equipment supplier.

The presented sheets may be used as information source, or be amended to reflect the needs of their specific project. Amendments may be performed in the white cells of the pairwise comparison matrices on Stakeholder Analysis and Design Factor Weights; and applicability indicators in Design Factors Map and Cabin Product Breakdown sheets.


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