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Real time inverse solution of the composites cure heat transfer problem under uncertainty

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posted on 2019-12-10, 12:12 authored by Alex SkordosAlex Skordos, Konstantinos Tifkitsis
-panel_glass.f : subroutines representing material properties and boundary conditions.
-panel_glass_3.3mm.dat: Marc input corresponding to the cure model of this paper.
-Process monitoring results.xlsx: Experimental data acquired by thermocouples.
-Surrogate model validation.xlsx: Response surfaces of surrogate and FE model.
-MCMC results: Statistical properties estimation of unknown parameters with inversion procedure.
-Real time probability estimation: Minimum final degree of cure and minimum glass transition temperature probability estimation during manufacturing process.


EU Clean Sky 2 SimCodeQ(686493)

EPSRC grant RPOACM (EP/K031430/1)


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