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Public survey and follow-up interviews about the 'awareness/knowledge of the circular economy', 'social expectations', 'values perspectives' and 'legitimacy' of the circular economy for the water sector in Spain and in the UK

posted on 2021-06-03, 09:20 authored by Marine Poncet, Heather SmithHeather Smith, Daniel Goodwin, Paul JeffreyPaul Jeffrey

This also contains the follow-up interview' questions (follow-up interview questions.docx). 12 members of the public (UK only) were interviewed following the survey. Questions were designed according to three legitimacy categories (moral, cognitive and pragmatic). The interviews' transcripts were coded according to three legitimacy categories in NVivo.

This contains the survey questions (survey questions.docx) and answers (Survey data (UK and Spain).xls). The public (UK and Spain) was surveyed using Qualtrics services on: 'awareness/knowledge of the circular economy', 'social expectations and corporate social responsibility', 'values perspectives' and 'legitimacy' of the circular economy. Basic demographics are also included. The 'values perspectives' and 'legitimacy' sections were designed using the Best-Worst method. The 'social expectations and corporate social responsibility' sections were designed using a Likert-scale.

The results do not contain any personal data or sensitive data.

To be added: anonymised sections of interviews' transcripts exploring societal perceptions of legitimacy towards the circular economy for the water sector.

This file does not contain raw interviews' transcripts but contains coded interviews transcripts.

Please see read me file.


ULTIMATE: indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATer society

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