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Process and microbial analysis of AD systems

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posted on 2016-04-19, 12:37 authored by Raffaella Villa, Frederic CoulonFrederic Coulon, Robert Ferguson

Raw data on fermentation parameters (biogas, methane %, alkalinity, pH) and PLFA and PLEL analysis are included into the excel spreadsheets: “First OLR_Fermentation + PLFA and PLEL” and “Second OLR_Fermentation + PLFA and PLEL”. Fermentation data are related to mesophilic control digesters running at 1.4 kgVS/m3d and upset digesters running at 2.9 and 3.9 kgVS/m3d (medium and high.).

The letters: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h and i represent the triplicates of control and the upset systems where:

a, b and c = control reactors;

d, e and f = reactors with increased OLR to 2.9 kgVS/m3d (sometimes referred as medium); and

g, h, and i = reactors with increased OLR to 3.9 kgVS/m3d (sometimes referred as high)

 Analysis of the data and graphs included in the paper “Organic loading rate: a promising microbial management tool in anaerobic digestion “ are included in the files “data for graphs’, the data used can be visualised clicking on the curve of interest.

 Raw pyrosequencing data is included in the zip files and analysis of the data in the separate file “pyrosequencing data analysis”

Primers design has been included into the “Primers” file.