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Physiological and hormone data for the paper entitled 'Transcriptome and phytohormone changes associated with ethylene-induced onion bulb dormancy'

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posted on 2020-06-15, 16:29 authored by Maria del carmen Alamar GavidiaMaria del carmen Alamar Gavidia, Leon TerryLeon Terry, Maria AnastasiadiMaria Anastasiadi, Andrew ThompsonAndrew Thompson, Fady MoharebFady Mohareb, Colin G.N. Turnbull, Rosa M. Lopez-Cobollo, Mark H. Bennett:
Underlying data for this onion bulb dormancy paper which includes: respiration rate, sprout elongation and sprout incidence; abscisic acid (ABA) and ABA-metabolites concentration; cytokinins concentration; and differentially expressed genes for ABA, ethylene and cytokinins pathways.


BBSRC: BB/K02065X/1


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