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Passively-coupled, low-coherence interferometric duct profiling with an astigmatism-corrected conical mirror

posted on 2017-11-16, 09:47 authored by Helen Ford, Ralph TatamRalph Tatam

Fig 5 Excel file with experimental beam-waist radii (cone mirror alone) and numbers from Zemax model. “Data fig 5” (one worksheet).

Fig 6 Excel file “Data fig 6” (one worksheet) with evolution of beam-waists in z, from Zemax model for combined cone mirror and custom lens. Also includes data for other working distances, as mentioned in paragraph 3 of p 10.

Fig 7 Excel file with experimental beam-waist radii (cone and lens) and numbers from Zemax model “Data fig 7” (one worksheet).

Fig 11 Excel file with experimental and calculated data for fibre centroid positions in arc array. Also contains data for relative positions of probe and arc array centre axes, before and after adjustment. “Data fig 11” (three worksheets).

Fig 12 Excel file with experimental beam radii data for complete probe, with and without custom lens. “Data fig 12” (one worksheet).

Fig 14 Excel file with experimental data and calculated fits, for surface depth measurements using the complete probe in experimental tube-section samples. “Data fig 14” (four worksheets).


Royal Society UK (Paul Instrument Fund PI120020). Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC) (EPN002520/1)