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Monte Carlo simulation results for full finger models based on ultrasound image data

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posted on 2021-06-02, 15:35 authored by Akhil Kallepalli, David JamesDavid James, Mark RichardsonMark Richardson
Monte Carlo simulations were performed using Virtual Tissue Simulator (VTS) and Monte Carlo Command Line (MCCL) tools. The target was a tissue model specific to individual participants, including all anatomical components in a finger. The thickness and depth measurements were ascertained using an 18 MHz ultrasound probe. This implementation is proposed as a low-cost and novel method for patient-specific photo-therapy.

The optical models of 12 participants are assessed at four wavelengths of interest. The optical interaction with the tissue layers is calculated with 106 photons. The absorption, reflection, fluence and transmission are measured and quantified in the experiments.


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