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Data supporting: 'In-process nip point temperature estimation in automated tape placement based on analytical solution and remote thermal measurements'

Version 2 2022-08-31, 14:50
Version 1 2022-08-23, 11:28
posted on 2022-08-31, 14:50 authored by Anastasios Danezis, Alex SkordosAlex Skordos, David Williams
FE and 1D predictions comparison: nip point temperature estimates by the analytical scheme and FE model.

Inverse solution data: tool surface temperatures before and after the addition of Gaussian noise, irradiance profile applied in FE model and its approximations using the inverse solution. Metallic and insulating tool material.

Example application- power variation: contains the data of the virtual experiment generated by the FE model, and analytical scheme estimates for different scenarios.


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