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Hydrogen Homes Dataset for H2 Acceptance Matrix analysis

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This dataset records qualitative answers (written statements) given by respondents at the end of an online survey (programmed in Qualtrics) on domestic hydrogen in the United Kingdom (N= 1845). The open-ended question was specified as follows: 

 Please use this text box to explain more about your attitudes towards hydrogen or any other reflections on this topic. 
Around two-thirds (N = 1213) provided written responses, which were subsequently coded according to one-dimensional (hydrogen pessimist, hydrogen sceptic, hydrogen cautious, hydrogen neutral, hydrogen curious, hydrogen hopeful, or hydrogen optimist) and multi-dimensional responses (e.g. hydrogen hopeful yet cautious, or hydrogen cautious but otherwise neutral etc.) 81.8% of respondents expressed a one-dimensional perspective (N = 992). 

The data collection period ran between 06/10/2023–23/12/2023. The survey duration was approximately 15–20 minutes. In published materials, we use the term Hydrogen Homes (H2H) dataset to denote outputs from this project.


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