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Greensand Country Group Project – Deliverables 1

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posted on 2021-04-30, 08:48 authored by Meenakshi Singh, Kaat Mertens, Crystal Ahiable, Peng Yuqing, Rui See, Thomas Medori
The content in this folder results from an MSc Group project undertaken by MSc students studying at Cranfield University who, in 2021, worked with Greensand Country Landscape Partnership to develop StoryMaps for public engagement. This zipped folder contains the spatial data collected for StoryMaps and associated supporting document:
1. Spatial Database (in GeoPackage)
2. QGIS Project Files
3. Metadata
4. Data Dictionary
5. QGIS User Guide

The GeoPackage and QGIS project files are divided as follows:
1. main_database: Contains data used in storymaps
2. supp_database: Contains useful data collected but not used in storymaps


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