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Data supporting 'Fibre-Coupled, Multiplexed Methane Detection Using Range Resolved Interferometry'

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posted on 2023-02-10, 15:51 authored by James BremnerJames Bremner, Thomas KissingerThomas Kissinger, Jane HodgkinsonJane Hodgkinson, Ralph TatamRalph Tatam
Dataset for paper:
Fig 2 & Fig3:
Time of measurement, The OPD being interrogated, The amplitude of the signal produced by the RRI system, The applied window used, The raw interferrometric signal from the photdiode
Note: The Time measurement only applies to the measurement of the interferometric signal. The RRI signal amplitude is instantaneous

Fig 4:
The extracted light intensity passing through each tube as a function of time over the period of one ramp. (arbitary units)

Fig 5 Absorption Heights:
The height of the normalised absorption curves in each test

Fig 5 Recorded Gas Flows:
The gas flow measurements in each test that were used to calculate the gas concentrations in each test

Fig 6: Allan Deviation:
The value for the Allan Deviation at each integration period

Fig 7: Cross Talk Raw Data:
The height of the normalised absorption curve measured for Tube 1 in each test.

Fig 7: Cross Talk Protocol:
The gas flow supplied to each tube during each test.


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