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Ecosystem services from combined natural and engineered water and wastewater treatment - Data accompanying the manuscript published in Ecological Engineering journal

posted on 2019-05-14, 08:28 authored by Joanna ZawadzkaJoanna Zawadzka, Elaine Gallagher, Heather SmithHeather Smith, Ronald CorstanjeRonald Corstanje
This data repository contains the spatially explicit results generated during the research described in the manuscript. The methods used to obtain these results are described in detail in the manuscript and supplementary materials associated with the text. The contents of the zipped folders is as follows:
-,, - maps in ESRI shapefile format showing the distribution of the Site/Off-site ratio values across the entire modelling catchments, corresponding to the Figures 4-6 in the manuscript;
- Connectivity. zip containing raster files showing the distribution of the resistance values (_resistance.tif) and locations of nodes (_nodes.shp) submitted to the Circuitscape model as well as the model outputs - cumulative current maps (_connectivity.tif). These datasets correspond to Figures 3 and 7 in the manuscript.
- Site locations - shapefiles showing the outlines of the three sites assessed in this study.

All datasets can be viewed and modified in a GIS software.

Input land use/land cover maps for the models cannot be shared due to licence restrictions.


European Union's Horizon 2020 grant agreement no. 689450


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