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DrivAer hp-F: Spoiler & Rear Wing Configurations Geometry Pack

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Version 2 2024-04-30, 08:44
Version 1 2024-04-29, 15:40
posted on 2024-04-30, 08:44 authored by Steven RijnsSteven Rijns, Tom-Robin TeschnerTom-Robin Teschner, Kim BlackburnKim Blackburn, Anderson Ramos ProencaAnderson Ramos Proenca, James BrightonJames Brighton


CAD geometry files for the 35% scale high-performance DrivAer model (DrivAer hp-F). 

The dataset includes CAD files for the:

- DrivAer hp-F vehicle body, equipped with a 41 mm front bumper splitter, a full set of large forebody strakes, and a 10° underbody multichannel diffuser. 

- Rear wing with a NACA 6412 profile, chord of 110 mm, and span of 420 mm.

- Spoiler with a plate size of 350 x 80 mm at a 40° angle of attack

- Wheels (stationary and rotating)

In reference to the publications:

Steven Rijns, Tom-Robin Teschner, Kim Blackburn, Anderson Ramos Proenca, James Brighton; Experimental and numerical investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of high-performance vehicle configurations under yaw conditions. Physics of Fluids 1 April 2024; 36 (4): 045112. 

Steven Rijns, Tom-Robin Teschner, Kim Blackburn, James Brighton; Effects of cornering conditions on the aerodynamic characteristics of a high-performance vehicle and its rear wing. Physics of Fluids 1 April 2024; 36 (4): 045119. 


This geometry pack uses components from the original DrivAer hp-F: the CAD geometry pack collection:

Soares, Renan francisco; Olives, Sergio Goñalons; Knowles, Andrew Paul; Garry, Kevin; Holt, Jenny (2018). DrivAer hp-F: the CAD geometry pack. Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD). Collection.


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