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Datasets: Ontology-based diagnosis reporting and monitoring to improve fault finding in Industry 4.0

posted on 14.08.2020, 08:41 by Iñigo Fernández del amo blanco, John ahmet Erkoyuncu, Maryam Farsi, Dominik Bulka, Stephen Wilding
This repository includes datasets on experimental cases of study and analysis regarding the research called "Ontology-based diagnosis reporting and monitoring to reduce no-fault-found scenarios in Industry 4.0".


Abstract: "Industry 4.0 is bringing a new era of digitalisation for complex equipment. It especially benefits equipment’s monitoring and diagnostics with real-time analysis of heterogenous data sources. Management of such sources is an important research challenge. A relevant research gap involves integration of experts’ diagnosis knowledge. Experts have valuable knowledge on failure conditions that can support monitoring systems and their limitations in no-fault-found scenarios. But their knowledge is normally transferred as reports, which include unstructured data difficult to re-use. Thus, this paper proposes ontology-based diagnosis reporting and monitoring methods to capture and re-use expert knowledge for improving diagnosis efficiency. It aims to capture expert knowledge in a structured format and re-use it in monitoring systems to provide failure recommendations in no-fault-found conditions. This research conducted several methods for validating the proposed methods. Laboratory experiments present time and errors reduction rates of 20% and 12% compared to common data-driven monitoring approaches for diagnosis tasks in no-fault-found scenarios. Subject-matter experts’ surveys evidence the usability of the proposed methods to work in real-life conditions. Thus, this paper’s proposal can be considered as a method to bridge the gap for integrated data management in the context of Industry 4.0."


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