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Dataset for Efficient determination and evaluation of steady-state thermal-mechanical variables generated by wire arc additive manufacturing and high pressure rolling

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posted on 2021-11-04, 09:14 authored by Valeriy Gornyakov, Yongle SunYongle Sun, Jialuo DingJialuo Ding, Stewart WilliamsStewart Williams

1. Dataset for Figure 5: Temperature histories predicted by the short thermal WAAM model at the thermocouple locations: (a) TP1, (b) TP2, (c) TP3 and (d) TP4. The experimental measurements by Ding [34] are also included for comparison.

2. Dataset for Figure 11: Longitudinal RS distributions along the Z-direction (through wall height, see Figure 10b for the path of the line plots) in the mapped long mechanical model before and after clamps removal for the WAAM component. The experimental measurements by Ding et al. [34] and Colegrove et al. [5] are also included, which were conducted using neutron diffraction after clamps removal.

3. Dataset for Figure 12: Verification of out-of-plane distortion predicted by the mapped long mechanical model after clamps removal. Note that the experimental measurement by Ding [34] using a 3D laser scanner was based on a four-layer deposited wall, and the WAAM model was adapted accordingly.


EPSRC grant EP/R027218/1 for the programme of New Wire Additive Manufacturing (NEWAM).


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