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Dataset for Computationally Efficient Models of High Pressure Rolling for Wire Arc Additively Manufactured Components

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posted on 2021-01-04, 13:51 authored by Valeriy Gornyakov, Yongle SunYongle Sun, Jialuo DingJialuo Ding, Stewart WilliamsStewart Williams
1. Dataset for Figure 5: Equivalent plastic strain obtained along centreline on the top of the WAAM wall.
2. Dataset for Figure 6: Reaction forces obtained at the rotation point of the rollers (note that only half of the WAAM component was considered in the models).
3. Dataset for Figure 13: Longitudinal PS distributions on inspection planes.
4. Dataset for Figure 14: Longitudinal RS distributions on inspection planes.


EPSRC grant EP/R027218/1 for the programme of New Wire Additive Manufacturing (NEWAM).


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