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Data supporting: 'Assessing and mitigating the distortion and stress during electron beam welding of a large shell-flange structure'

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posted on 2022-08-31, 14:56 authored by Yongle SunYongle Sun, Mike SmithMike Smith, Thomas Dutilleul, Steve Jones

Fig. 7. (c) temperature histories on the outer surface points (i.e., Out1 and Out2) and inner surface points (i.e., In1 and In2).

Fig. 8. (d) The cross-weld line profile of hardness distribution.

Fig. 10. Evolution of the opening (a) and sliding (b) displacements for mid-thickness locations on the weld plane with different angular distances to the EB weld start position.


A whole-life approach to the development of high integrity welding technologies for Generation IV fast reactors

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