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Dataset DrivAer hp-F: Wake Total Pressure Measurements in Yaw Conditions

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Dataset for the wake total pressure measurements conducted on the 35% scale DrivAer hp-F model at various yaw angles in the 8x6 Wind Tunnel at Cranfield University. 

The measurements are performed on the DrivAer hp-F rear wing configuration with an angle of attack of 15°. 

The dataset includes the total pressure coefficient results from measurements on the P1, P2, and P3 wake planes, which are located 400 mm, 700 mm, and 1000 mm downstream of the vehicle model respectively. Additionally, the horizontal and vertical measurements positions (in mm) are provided for each wake plane. 

A horizontal sweep on the P3 wake plane has been conducted three times for repeatability.

In reference to the publication:

Steven Rijns, Tom-Robin Teschner, Kim Blackburn, Anderson Ramos Proenca, James Brighton; Experimental and numerical investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of high-performance vehicle configurations under yaw conditions. Physics of Fluids 1 April 2024; 36 (4): 045112. 

CAD files for the DrivAer hp-F rear wing configuration are available at:

Rijns, Steven; Teschner, Tom-Robin; Blackburn, Kim; Ramos Proenca, Anderson; Brighton, James (2024). DrivAer hp-F: Spoiler & Rear Wing Configurations Geometry Pack. Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD). Dataset. 


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