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Data supporting: 'Association between nanoscale strains and tissue level nanoindentation properties in age-related hip-fractures'

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posted on 2023-01-03, 15:26 authored by Andrea Bonicelli, Justin P Cobb, Oliver R Boughton, Ulrich Hansen, Richard Abel, Peter ZiouposPeter Zioupos

Measurement of the properties of bone as a material can happen in various length scales in its hierarchical and composite structure. The aim of this study was to test the tissue level properties of clinically-relevant human bone samples which were collected from donors belonging to three groups: ageing donors who suffered no fractures (Control); untreated fracture patients (Fx-Untreated) and patient who experienced hip fracture despite being treated with bisphosphonates (Fx-BisTreated).


Royal Osteoporosis Society

The Michael Uren Foundation

The Dr Mortimer & Theresa Sackler Foundation

Point-of-Care High Accuracy Fracture Risk Prediction

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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