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Data supporting "A new parafocusing paradigm for X-ray diffraction"

posted on 2020-12-09, 10:07 authored by Danae Prokopiou, James McGovern, Gareth Davies, Simon GodberSimon Godber, Keith RogersKeith Rogers, Paul Evans, Anthony Dicken
A new approach to parafocusing X-ray diffraction implemented with an annular incident beam is demonstrated for the first time. The method exploits an elliptical specimen path on a flat sample to produce relatively high intensity maxima that can be measured with a point detector. It is shown that the flat-specimen approximation tolerated by conventional Bragg–Brentano geometries is not required. A theoretical framework, simulations and experimental results for both angular- and energy-dispersive measurement modes are presented and the scattering signatures compared with data obtained with a conventional pencil-beam arrangement.


EPSRC (EP/R024316/1)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Royal Society and Wolfson Foundation (RSWF\R1\180012)


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