DRisk annual maximum potential soil moisture deficit (1900-2006) derived using MaRIUS large dataset

2018-07-12T10:27:17Z (GMT) by Ian Holman Jerry Knox David Haro
One set of 100 time series (as CSV) of annual maximum potential soil moisture deficit (PSMDmax) for 1900-2006 by a rotated longitude-latitude grid at a 0.22 degree resolution (European CORDEX grid) over a domain encompassing the United Kingdom. Driving variables are monthly precipitation and reference evapotranspiration (from HadRM3P, the regional climate model within weather@home2) created within the MaRIUS project (Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity), which are available for download from http://catalogue.ceda.ac.uk/uuid/0cea8d7aca57427fae92241348ae9b03