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DIABLO biomarker data (Detection of Infectious Agents By Laser Optics)

posted on 2019-04-04, 12:25 authored by Chris WaltonChris Walton, Dawn Fowler, Jeremy Sizer, MItesh Patel

DIABLO - Detection of Infectious Agents By Laser Optics

The aim of this project is to identify potential biomarkers for Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in the stool of patients suffering with unexplained diarrhoea. It forms a part of a larger project aimed at developing an instrument for the point-of-care diagnosis of CDI, so an important aspect of this work is determination of markers which can be accessed rapidly (within a few minutes) from the sample with little or no prior sample preparation.

The file "DIABLO Biomarker" contains the results of laboratory analysis of samples taken at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. Data are provided as SPSS and Excel files with a Word document containing explanatory notes on methods and data analysis.

An early report of some of the results can be found in "Volatile biomarkers - poster.pdf".


Innovate UK TP 281-156


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