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Consumer Driven New Product Development in Future Re-Distributed Models of Sustainable Production and Consumption

posted on 2017-03-10, 16:19 authored by Samet Isaev, Harris Makatsoris, Mariale Moreno, Mohannad JreissatMohannad Jreissat
The customer as co-creator of products is a grand challenge the entire consumer products manufacturing industry is facing. The design, manufacture and delivery of mass personalized customer products are critical important for economically and sustainable production. We demonstrated a model-based methodology and manufacturing process development for large scale beverage product customization. An orange beverage has been selected as case study to show that by linking a game-like consumer facing we b application and a novel computer driven flow manufacturing system. First we obtained the target sensory attributes from consumer groups, those data rapidly translated into a new formulation recipe and its manufacturing process of a beverage that meets those needs and prototyped for that consumer group to evaluate.