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Cellulose filaments derived from dissolution and spinning of paper sludge nanofibers using an ionic liquid Item

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posted on 2020-04-17, 09:08 authored by Cynthia Adu, Chenchen ZhuChenchen Zhu, Mark JollyMark Jolly, Kristiina Oksman, Stephen J. Eichhorn, Robert M. Richardson, Kevin D. Potter
This data set contains results from the experimental test conducted to dissolve and spin cellulose nanofibres into filaments. The CNF was derived from paper mill sludge by mechanical grinding and dissolved in ionic liquid at 9 and 12% CNF concentration. Fibre pinning was conducted by dry-jet wet spinning method to produce filaments with average tensile strength of 19 GPa and 26 GPa, and modulus of 223 MPa and 282 MPa respectively. Enclose is the data from the tensile tests, rheology of the spinning solution and the filament orientation obtained from the wide angle x-ray of the filament.




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