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Bacterial distribution in soil microhabitats at different spatial scales

posted on 2018-08-08, 15:11 authored by Wilfred OttenWilfred Otten, Thilo Eickhorst, Archana Juyal, Ruth Falconer, Simona Hapca, Hannes Schmidt, Philippe C Baveye

The data underpin the results described in the Geoderma paper by Juyal et al (2018) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoderma.2018.07.031 entitled 'Combination of techniques to quantify the distribution of bacteria in their soil microhabitats at different spatial scales'. The data are represented in an Excel file and show counts of bacteria in individual sections of soil blocks and their corresponding pore geometry as determined by Xray CT at three different spatial scales. The data underpin the summary data described in the paper where a detailed method description is also provided.


NERC (NE/H01263X/1 and NE/P014208/1); DAAD (A/12/76235) and Bremen University (ZF/02/600/10)


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