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Data supporting: 'Autonomous Ground Refuelling Approach for Civil Aircrafts using Computer Vision and Robotics'

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Version 2 2022-08-15, 08:05
Version 1 2022-08-08, 10:53
posted on 2022-08-15, 08:05 authored by Suleyman YildirimSuleyman Yildirim

AircraftRefuellingAdaptorLocalisation - v3 2022-03-15 12:35pm


It includes 881 images.

Letters are annotated in COCO format.

The following pre-processing was applied to each image:

The following augmentation was applied to create 3 versions of each source image:

* 50% probability of horizontal flip

* 50% probability of vertical flip

* Equal probability of one of the following 90-degree rotations: none, clockwise, counter-clockwise, upside-down

* Random Gaussian blur of between 0 and 1 pixels


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