Process and microbial analysis of AD systems

<p>Raw data on fermentation parameters (biogas, methane %, alkalinity, pH) and PLFA and PLEL analysis are included into the excel spreadsheets: “First OLR_Fermentation + PLFA and PLEL” and “Second OLR_Fermentation + PLFA and PLEL”. Fermentation data are related to mesophilic control digesters running at 1.4 kgVS/m3d and upset digesters running at 2.9 and 3.9 kgVS/m3d (medium and high.). </p> <p>The letters: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h and i represent the triplicates of control and the upset systems where:</p> <p>a, b and c = control reactors;</p> <p>d, e and f = reactors with increased OLR to 2.9 kgVS/m3d (sometimes referred as medium); and</p> <p>g, h, and i = reactors with increased OLR to 3.9 kgVS/m3d (sometimes referred as high)</p> <p> Analysis of the data and graphs included in the paper “Organic loading rate: a promising microbial management tool in anaerobic digestion “ are included in the files “data for graphs’, the data used can be visualised clicking on the curve of interest.</p> <p> Raw pyrosequencing data is included in the zip files and analysis of the data in the separate file “pyrosequencing data analysis”</p> <p>Primers design has been included into the “Primers” file.</p>