Initial Hierarchy Weighting and Score vs Activities

2017-06-02T10:17:37Z (GMT) by Jeremy Smith
This is an initial excel file with weightings for the Maslow Hierarchy and scores vs campaign activities.<div><div>The Maslow Hierarchy has been applied to a generic situation conflict by examining the levels and assessing the impact of military and other actions on the elements of this hierarchy. This is basically the format of the matrix.</div><div>The left hand axis is the Maslow hierarchy - each layer of which is weighted. The columns are the list of actions in the campaign. the entries are then refer each action to each Maslow line. The matrix is a first draft and the intent is to determine the utility of this in modelling campaigns and in terms of the consistency of the scores and weightings. </div><div>The idea is then to produce a quantified interconnected model which allows a change in one input to affect a specific element of the Maslow hierarchy and then an outcome in terms of a positive or negative effect on ‘perception’ is generated. There is then a linkage to the use of the Cranfield RCAT wargame which uses these types of information. </div></div>




CC BY 4.0